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Standing Offer

Click here to download the entire Standing Offer as a 138 kB PDF file
(requires the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe).

General Conditions

  1. LMTSB shall not provide any service or accommodation to any person unless such person make a request in writing for the same, where such request is made, LMTSB may where it deem fit to do so in the interest of LMTSB refuse the request without assigning any reason therefore.

  2. A "Delivery Order" for delivery of imported goods shall not be acted upon until such order in writing has been received from the ship owners or agents.

  3. A "Shipment Order" for the shipment of goods shall not be acted upon unless it is endorsed by the ship owners or agents.

  4. In all cases "Customs Requirements" shall be complied with before delivery or shipment is carried out.

  5. LMTSB may remove goods at any time it considers necessary and the appropriate removal charges shall apply.

Conditions of Offer

Upon the "User" doing or transacting business with Lumut Maritime Terminal Sdn. Bhd., whether by agreement or otherwise, "The Terms and Condition of Business" shall constitute a standing offer as to the condition upon which Lumut Maritime Terminal Sdn. Bhd. makes it port services and facilities at "Lumut Port" available to the "User".

Lumut Maritime Terminal Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to vary the charges in the general tariff and rates.

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