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  Summary of Port Tariff and Rates | Tariff Calculators

Summary of Port Tariff and Rates
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Berth Occupancy

* RM2.00 per tonne or part thereof.

Generally for account of vessel

(Per Tonne or Part Thereof)

Cargo Type Main Berth (RM) Barge Berth (RM)
Dry Bulk 3.00 2.50
Iron & Steel 5.00 2.00
General/Breakbulk 6.00 6.00
Transhipment Inward 5.00 5.00
Transhipment Outward 5.00 5.00

Lifting charges (when incurred)
The charges for single heavylifts or heavy packages or articles in excess of 2,500 kilogrammes (2.5 DWT) per lift shall be as follows:-

  Per tonne or part thereof
i) Exceeding 2.5 DWT but not exceeding 10 DWT RM3.00
ii) Exceeding 10 DWT but not exceeding 20 DWT RM7.00
iii) Exceeding 20 DWT RM14.00

Wharf handling charge
(Per Tonne or Part Thereof)

Cargo Types Imports/
Dry Bulk RM2.50
Iron & Steel RM5.00
General/Breakbulk RM5.00
Dangerous Cargo Group I RM15.00
Dangerous Cargo Group II RM15.00
Dangerous Cargo Group III RM6.00

Direct delivery or loading

Consignee or Consignor needs only to pay the respective wharf handling charges for direct delivery of import cargo from vessel onto lorry or direct loading of export cargo from lorry onto vessel.

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