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Subsequent to the execution of the Privatization Agreement with the State Government of Perak in February 1993, the construction of LMT commenced in November 1993 on a turnkey design-build basis.

The Terminal was completed in July 1995 and was officially opened on 24 July 1995 by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamed in the presence of the Chief Minister of Perak, Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib. This auspicious occasion also witnessed the first vessel MV KOTA MAWAR (12,000 DWT) berthing at the Terminal.

Since 1995, the Terminal has been improved and upgraded and its facilities have been extended to include additional open and covered storage. The main berth has been extended for another 280m in 2001, with the alongside depth of 12m ACD, resulting in a total overall linear berth length of 510m.

LMT, a Royal Malaysian Customs Gazetted Port, is a river port, located along the banks of the Dindings River. The Terminal is an integrated common user port facility, and is International Ship Port Security code compliant.

Port Specification

Terminal Location Coordinates 

➭ Latitude 04°15′ 16.294” North (N)

                                                ➭ Longitude 100° 39′ 49.034” East (E)

Pilot Station


➭ Located at latitude 40° 10.5’ North (N) and longitude 100° 35’ East (E).

➭ The pilot station is within 11 nautical miles of LMT.

Nature of Terminal 

➭ Common User Port designed and equipped to handle:

      ▸ Dry bulk

      ▸Liquid bulk

      ▸Break bulk

      ▸All conventional cargo            and project cargo.

 ➭Gazetted as a Legal Landing Point.

Port Operation Working Hours

 ➭ 3 shifts

 ➭ 24 hours per day 

 ➭ 365 days per year

Administrative Working Hours

 ➭ Mondays to Fridays

 ➭ 8.30 am - 6.00 pm