Lumut Port Industrial Park


LPIP is located adjacent to LMT and has a total area of 1,000 acres, with 885 acres suitable for industrial activities.

The land is sold on 99 years leasehold tenure from the issuance of Individual Title. Rental and term leases are also available. Foreign ownership is permitted. It has comprehensive utilities and especially suitable for marine, heavy, medium, and light industries.

The land is sold only to investors who would need the facilities and services of the port. This is to ensure continuous sustenance of the port. To date (information as at April 2016), about 822.35 acres have been sold for various business sectors: mineral processing activities, non-mineral, chemical, metalwork and fabrication, import and re-export, grain, feed meal and vegetable oil processing, shipbuilding and biodiesel activities and with a balance of about 20 acres are still available for sale.

Client Portfolio & Park Layout


Heavy Industries (Fabricators/Raw Material Importers)



Dry bulks (Raw Material Importers / Exporters)

Liquid bulks (Importers/Exporters)


➭ Sapura Energy

➭ Grade One


➭ Malay-sino

➭ Summit Minerals

➭ Malaysian Phosphate Additives

➭ Pangkor Oil

➭ Sinn Hwat Heng


➭ Pasir Gudang Edible Oil

➭ May Chemical

➭ PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad